About LifePlus Timber Decking

LifePlus Decking has been developed to enhance the enjoyment by users of outdoor decking areas, particularly those in fully weather exposed conditions.

LifePlus Decking is produced by our manufacturing partners who have committed to producing a special decking timber but also to satisfy consumer demands for quality decking projects which provide satisfaction in both performance and longevity.

To achieve this requires a system approach incorporating good design, quality materials (decking, subframe and fixings) and good construction and maintenance practices.

As part of the system approach, guidelines have been developed for Installation of LifePlus Decking and links provided to Timber Industry Advisory Organisations where further advice can be obtained, particularly in relation to design issues and suitable sub-frame timbers in different states. (We are working on this).

LifePlus Decking - a new and improved timber decking delivering longer life plus improved performance.

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