The Lifeplus® Decking System

The LifePlus® Decking System is an integrated system of best practices in design; construction and finishing materials; and construction, installation, finishing and maintenance practices developed to deliver a satisfying decking project which performs well over a long life.

The LifePlus® Decking System combines good practices in:

  • Design and detailing,
  • Use of LifePlus® Decking,
  • Use of other quality, and suitable, materials for the sub-structure, fixings and finishes,
  • Foundation and sub-frame construction, and…
  • Decking installation, finishing and maintenance.

Why is there a need for a decking system?

Although LifePlus® Decking will deliver longer life plus improved performance, using LifePlus® Decking is not enough, as many performance issues (problems) are unrelated to the quality of the decking timber ie:

  • LifePlus® Decking used badly,
  • Will not perform to its potential.

Performance issues can originate in a number of areas including:

  • Design and/or detailing,
  • Choice of decking or structural timber,
  • Choice of other materials,
  • Construction of the substructure,
  • Installation of the decking,
  • Finish chosen or finishing techniques, and…
  • Maintenance of the decking.

For a LifePlus® Decking project to perform well over a long life, LifePlus® Decking must be supported by quality in all other aspects of project delivery.

The LifePlus® Decking System has been developed to ensure that LifePlus® Decking and a timber deck in which it is installed is enjoyable to use and provides the expected performance and longevity benefits.

LifePlus® Decking - a new and improved timber decking delivering longer life plus improved performance.

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