The Lifeplus Decking System

The LifePlus Decking System is an integrated system of best practices in design; construction and finishing materials; and construction, installation, finishing and maintenance practices developed to deliver a satisfying decking project which performs well over a long life.

The LifePlus Decking System combines good practices in:

  • Design and detailing,
  • Use of LifePlus Decking,
  • Use of other quality, and suitable, materials for the sub-structure, fixings and finishes,
  • Foundation and sub-frame construction, and…
  • Decking installation, finishing and maintenance.

Why is there a need for a decking system?

Although LifePlus Decking will deliver longer life plus improved performance, using LifePlus Decking is not enough, as many performance issues (problems) are unrelated to the quality of the decking timber ie:

  • LifePlus Decking used badly,
  • Will not perform to its potential.

Performance issues can originate in a number of areas including:

  • Design and/or detailing,
  • Choice of decking or structural timber,
  • Choice of other materials,
  • Construction of the substructure,
  • Installation of the decking,
  • Finish chosen or finishing techniques, and…
  • Maintenance of the decking.

For a LifePlus Decking project to perform well over a long life, LifePlus Decking must be supported by quality in all other aspects of project delivery.

The LifePlus Decking System has been developed to ensure that LifePlus Decking and a timber deck in which it is installed is enjoyable to use and provides the expected performance and longevity benefits.

LifePlus Decking - a new and improved timber decking delivering longer life plus improved performance.

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