LifePlus Timber Product Information

LifePlus Decking is a unique, high quality, hardwood timber decking, designed to enhance the enjoyment of outdoor decking areas by delivering improved performance over a longer life Decking Brochure › (150 KB PDF)

LifePlus Decking combines innovative design with in-depth knowledge of timber and its performance and application particularly in fully weather-exposed conditions and is protected by a number of Australian Patent, Design and Trade Mark Applications.

How does LifePlus decking deliver improved performance plus longer life

LifePlus Decking and projects in which it is installed will deliver longer life plus improved performance (in comparison to traditional decking) as a result of the following (click on the link for detailed information):

  • The unique and improved profile,
  • Manufacture from only selected Australian Hardwoods,
  • A standardised manufacturing process for consistent quality, and…
  • The LifePlus Decking System.

The unique and improved profile

The LifePlus Decking profile is an improvement on the shape of traditional decking.

The profile incorporates:

  • A warp-reducing groove and ripple on the underside, to reduce in-service distortion and increase ventilation between the deck and joist, reducing the potential for rotting of the joist and underside of the decking; and…
  • Tapered sides, to allow any debris which enters the gap between the boards to fall through, making the deck easier to clean and reducing the likelihood that damp debris will hold moisture between the boards contributing to their deterioration. The larger gap at the joist level also improves ventilation.
LifePlus timber decking board profile

The LifePlus Decking profile is unique in hardwood being the subject of a granted Registered Design and Innovation Patent in Australia. The profile is also the subject of granted and pending Registered Designs in a number of overseas markets and an international PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) application.

LifePlus Decking is available as:

LifePlus Natural Decking, which has a natural textured finish, for situations where improved slip resistance is a consideration or where a more natural appearance is preferred, and:

LifePlus natural finish timber decking

The exposed surface of LifePlus Natural Decking is sanded during machining, removing loose splinters and leaving the natural textured form of the sawn surface. The natural face also performs better than a dressed face when exposed to the weather.

LifePlus Classic Decking, which has a smooth dressed face, for situations where a traditional appearance is preferred and slip resistance is not a consideration.

LifePlus classic finish timber decking

Manufactured only from selected Australian hardwoods

LifePlus Decking is manufactured from “selected hardwoods” - high quality, durability 1 (outside above ground classification to AS 5604-2003) treated hardwoods with proven durability, stability and weathering characteristics to deliver superior performance in weather exposed conditions.

Note that LifePlus Decking is not produced from “mixed hardwoods”, which can be supplied from a variety of hardwood species including some which are of lower durability, higher shrinkage and lower stability than we would consider acceptable.

A standardised manufacturing process for consistent quality

LifePlus Decking is manufactured by a number of independent producers, to a common high standard of timber grading and manufacture to ensure that LifePlus Decking, wherever it is purchased and whoever produces it, will be of the same high standard and deliver the same performance and longevity benefits.

The LifePlus Decking producers are certified by an independent assessor to ensure that the required standards are maintained over time.

Treatment is with a non-chrome and non-arsenic preservative, either Koppers Arch Tanalith E or Osmose ACQ - not CCA.


LifePlus Decking - a new and improved timber decking delivering longer life plus improved performance.

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